History of our Factory

The building we use as our factory has been here for many years, having previously been a stud farm for horses, and a bakery amongst other uses. Our building is known as Whitegate Farm and Whitegate Road on which the building is situated is in fact named after the building. It still has some of the original features from it’s previous uses. We have been here for ten years, having moved here from our previous location on the industrial estate down the road.

Interesting Facts about our building!

In 1961 the body of Janet Roberts was found outside here. The crime was solved by the local police detective of the time, Charlie Matthews before the detectives of Scotland Yard arrived to investigate. Terry Hughes was convicted of the murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

In 1961, the building was used as the School Meals Service Kitchens.

Harwill Products Ltd
Harwill Products Ltd was located in Wrexham on Whitegate Road in the building currently occupied by Wrexham Club Ties Ltd

Harwill Products also occupied the building in the 1960s. Their business ended in 1975 when the creditors were called in.

Closure of Harwill Products Ltd
Notice is hereby given, pursuant to section 293 of the Companies Act 1948, that a Meeting of the Creditors of the above-named Company will be held at the Offices of Messrs. John Davies & Co., 14 Grosvenor Road, Wrexham, on Thursday, 8th May 1975, at 12 o’clock noon, for the purposes mentioned in sections 294 and 295 of the said Act. –Dated 22nd April 1975.
By Order of the Board.

The factory as it stands today.

Wrexham Club Ties Wrexham Club Ties

Wrexham Club Ties
Wrexham Club Ties, pictured from the junction of Rutland Road

Adjustable Elastic Ties

Adjustable elastic ties are kids ties with an elastic neckband that you can adjust the length. The neckband is a simple piece of an elastic that you tie a knot in to fit the wearer, hiding the knot under the collar. The point is, that the tie can remain useful as your child gets older! It is good for children aged 1-10 years old! Take a look at the video to see how they are adjusted!

Satin and Silk – What’s the difference?

Put Simply, everything! Silk is the spun thread produced by the silk worm, it is a material, like cotton, wool, iron, wood… Satin is not a material as such. In fabric terms, it is in fact a method of weaving. Therefore you can have Silk Satin, Polyester Satin and so on. A normal woven fabric, the warp (facing threads) weaves above and below every other weft (backing threads), as shown in the image.

Simple Weave
A simple weave, showing a 1:1 ratio of warp to weft.

In Satin, the warp covers several weft threads, and does not weave beneath every one, the result is a shiny face, and a dull back. Look how different the weaving pattern is in the Satin weave pictured below.

Satin Weave